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PEPFAR Community Grants Program

Application Process

Please consult the application guidalines for more information  on the types of activities that are funded. Click here to access application and guidelines.

Applications are due to the Small Grants Office by February 1st of every year.
It is vital that you follow the application form and answer all questions in a clear and concise manner, for your application to be considered for review. We do not want to receive a duplicate application that you have prepared for a different funding source. The application consists of: Part 1: Cover Sheet; Part 2: Project Description (ten page limit) answering questions about your program with requested documents. Due to the high volume of applications, we will only review those proposals that carefully follow the application format and answer all the questions clearly and concisely.

Fraud and Scam Warning:
The U.S. Embassy never asks for any form of payment or registration fee related to Embassy grants or the grant application process.  Payments should never be given to a third party in connection to U.S. Embassy Grants.  Any communication from the U.S. Embassy concerning your grant or grant application will only come from official U.S. government emails, which end in  If you suspect you are a target of fraud, please contact the Small Grants office at the U.S. Embassy.

What is PEPFAR?

The President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR) is an historic global program to provide treatment, prevention and care for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. In Uganda, the PEPFAR program is implemented by five U.S. Government agencies, which include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Defense, Department of State, Peace Corps, and the United States Agency for International Development. The PEPFAR program in Uganda provides treatment, reduces HIV infections, and provides care and support for many Ugandans.

PEPFAR Community Grants Program
The PEPFAR Community Grants Program, using PEPFAR funds, seeks to assist communities and local Ugandan organizations with small-scale development projects to provide care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS (PHA) and orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC). PEPFAR Community Grants are not funds available to private profit-making activities or foreign based organizations.

Applications will not be reviewed until after the deadline. The review process will continue through August. All applicants should receive a response in September following the February 1st deadline.

The project should:

• address an immediate need and have a demonstrable impact on the quality of life of the target population of OVC or PHA
• be community driven with significant community support
• permit quick implementation and impact. Projects must be completed within 12 months. 
• be sustainable. Programs must be capable of continuing on their own after the program ends.  
• be conducted by registered non-profit Ugandan organizations
• have clearly measurable results. The project needs to be able to quantify and report on the number of PHA and/or OVC served with the funding received

Selection Process
The American Embassy’s Small Grants Coordinators conduct preliminary reviews and select a shortlist of applicants based on the following selection criteria:
• technical merits of the application
• the target number of OVC and/or PHA who will benefit from the funding
• cost-effectiveness and cost realism of the application
• past performance of the organization
• following application format and guidelines

Preliminary reviews may include a site visit. A shortlist is then presented to an internal review committee for final selection. If your project is selected for funding, you will need to provide updated quotations from vendors for items to be purchased.  Grants are awarded for a one year period.  The maximum grant award is the equivalent of $25,000 at the prevailing exchange rate for Ugandan shillings. 

Contact Information
Small Grants Coordinator
American Embassy
P.O. Box 7007

Tel: 0414-259-791 ext. 6421 or 6444 or 6141